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Filter Clinics فلٹر کلینکس

Filter Clinics (فلٹر کلینکس)

  • Practically referral system has been a nonstarter in Pakistan, resulting in 1st and 2nd level patients’ care at Tertiary Care Hospitals, seriously compromising their own mandate.
  • The Punjab Government with desire to introduce referral system to ease patient burden on the teaching/ tertiary care hospitals and to improve their services, established filer clinics.
  • The establishment of a functional and efficient referral system is  key to ensuring adequate and equitable access to healthcare delivery services. The Filter Clinics’ Programme envisaged to create credible referral system by creating functional links between the Basic Health Dispensaries in the vicinity of one Tertiary care Hospitals i.e. Jinnah Hospital Lahore.
  • Accordingly, two filter clinics has been established in the vicinity of Jinnah Hospital.
  • Wahdat Road Filter Clinic
  • Township C-2 Filter Clinic
  • Emergency cases which cannot be treated at filter clinics such as those requiring admission in the hospitals are referred to Jinnah Hospital Lahore for proper treatment through referrals.