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Future Plans فیوچر پلانز

PHFMC will take important steps for improvement of the existing facilities at BHUs, RHCs and MHUs level and will take initiatives to enhance the provision of health quality and patient care. The company will expand in two directions. Firstly, it will focus on the BHUs, RHCs and MHUs that it has to takeover in the province of Punjab, and how the company will start the takeover, and what will be strategy to take over all First Level Health Facilities effectively in the shortest possible time. Secondly, it will focus on improving those BHUs and RHCs through strategic interventions as they come under the control of the company. This will include key interventions to improve the existing operations of facilities though better monitoring and evaluation systems and by introducing new initiatives like Electronic Medical Record, Queue Management System, and Mobile Dental and Eye Vans.