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Services at a Glance ایک نظر میں خدمات

Public sector services’ delivery paradigm is hinged on one thing: make services available! And that’s it as no competitor exists because public services are mostly aimed at segments where little to no private sector is interested in giving services due to being not profitable. There remains little attention in public sector whether the services are delivered or not. It is intrinsically assumed that once services are made available, they will be obtained by the public. Measurable parameters regarding delivered services, including health services, are axiomatically missing in the public sector. Hence, every single penny spent on performance improvement is confined to HR and inventory with two standard, yet sterile milestones of biometric attendance and percentage of stocks maintained at any given time for the purpose of making services available.
Whether said arrangement is culminating into some sort of desired services’ delivery or not is of little to no concern in any available standard drill to measure performance of organizations. The obvious causality is the collection of reliable data from beyond the organizations’ internal sphere of activities. If data from across organizational boundaries are not being collected, short-sightedness sets in. Hence, by now neither biometric attendance nor inventory maintenance can be cited as something with credible measures that have helped earning public trust. Public is thus glaring missing from said equation. Resultantly, growing public frustration and distrust on public sector organizations is but a fate accompli in this backdrop.

Realizing given scenario, PHFMC has embarked upon introducing a conscious continuum from making health services availability to delivery and their real time social audit. Thus, internal measurement of performance is being realigned with external dimension of the delivered service. There shall thus be one qualitative aspect: “Public Trust”.

The services offered by PHFMC include:

These services are being delivered throug:

Treatment/ Curative Health Services
24/ 7 Services
Mobile Health Services
Mobile Health Units
Medical Camps
Community Health Education
Health Services at your Doorstep

Lab Tests
X-Ray, Ultrasound, etc.
Preventive Healthcare
TB Dot
Awareness & health Education
Family Planning Services
Nutrition Advisory
Public Health related education & advocacy
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Dispensaries (ZCD)
Basic Health Units (BHUs)
Rural Health Centres (RHCs)
Filter Clinics
24/ 7 Health Facilities
Mother & Child Healthcare Centres (MCH)
Mobile Health Units (MHUs)
Unani Tibi Dispensaries
Medical Camps
Community Outreach Activities